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UK Green Film Festival 2019: Welcome to Sodom
UK Green Film Festival 2019: Welcome to Sodom
The curse of the digital age where the digital consumer madness becomes manifest...
  • 120
  • Director: Florian Weigensamer and Christian Krones
    Running time: 1h 32 mins

    Accra, Ghana, the was once untouched swampland is now the most poisonous place on earth. They call it Sodom. It is home to the largest electronic waste dump in the world. Every year about 250,000 tons of computers, smartphones, air-condition tanks end up here.

    Whilst many of us live off the blessings of the computer age, many die from them, unknowingly. This is an eye-opening documentary illuminating the dark side of modern technology waste, that we should all see and if we can, do something about!